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The garden

“I was once Chloris and am now called Flora: Latin corrupted the first letter of my Greek name...” I Fasti, by P. Ovidio Nasone, book V

La corte di Cloris takes its name from the Goddess of Flowers; the tranquil and well-tended garden is a delightful place where the Goddess surrounds herself with a Court of flowers and plants accompanied by her lover Zephyrus, god of the West-wind.

Greek mythology narrates that the Rose was born after Chloris, who later became Flora in Latin, went for a walk and came across a beautiful but lifeless nymph and decided to bring her back to life in the form of the queen of flowers: the Rose. And if the Rose is the Queen, the Corte di Cloris is her kingdom, where she can appear in her many guises, her many colours and her sweet scents.

Another transformation brought about by the Goddess, this time out of spite because she had been deceived by her lover Zephyrus, was to change the nymph Anemone into a marvellous flower that now bears her name. Anemone also lives at the Court of the Goddess Chloris, enriching and embodying it, following the Goddess and praising her but destined to never see her Loved one and lover again because she must show off her wonderful flowering beauty before Spring arrives, meaning she has already disappeared by the time the warmer weather, gently pushed along by Zephyrus, arrives.


The Corte is the heart and soul of the Relais, a real oasis of peace and tranquillity in Florence where you can relax among colourful scented flowers and the sounds of the water and birds. The garden has benches where you can read a good book or just stop and recharge your batteries. Every afternoon complimentary tea and American coffee is available in the Hall.



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